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Many months ahead, we planned to visit Cumberland Island National Seashore to backpack, and stay a few nights on the island itself. The past few weeks has been spent dealing with all the logistics of a two night stay on the island. This included boarding the dogs for that weekend, reserving our campsite through the NPS systems (always a chore), booking passage on a ferry, and ensuring all our gear is rear for the challenge.

Our last backpacking trip was back in Grand Teton National Park and did not feature the backpacks at all, as we kayaked into our camp site. At Cumberland, we could kayak to the island from the mainland, but that still would have consisted of a one and a half mile hike to the actual campsite. That sounds fun and a all, but we decided against it as the couple mile kayak voyage would be in an extreme tidal area and we not only lack the knowledge to do it safely, we lack the kayaking gear as well.

So the ferry ride along with a long hike is our final plan. Luckily, thanks to the much warmer weather on Cumberland Island than anywhere else we have tent camped, we can drop the bulky mummy-style sleeping bags that weight three and four pounds respectively, and replace both with 50 degree bags that weigh only a single pound each. This weight savings will come in very handy, as we have to deal with a water source that is one and a half mile away from where we will be actually staying; meaning we need to haul more water in with us then just a few liters.

Once again, and even though we are both experienced full-timers, we failed to take into account that the weekend we chose for this trip would be Easter weekend. We had to settle on a campsite much further away from the ferry drop off then we would have like. A seven and a half mile hike, with the weight of our backpacks, is a must. For most experienced hikers this is not an issue, but I have to admit that we have been in the South the past few months and our fitness is no where near our best from the past.

Nonetheless, Kerri and I are super excited about the challenge and getting out on a “vacation” from our normal RV lifestyle. Not only to explore the island and it’s history, but to also get some sun and beach time, we are excited.

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  1. Carole says:

    Long time follower and van dweller here! We are currently camp hosting at Crooked River State Park until the end of April. It has indeed warmed up here, but my biggest reason for reaching out is to remind you to take bug spray (the no-see-ums have been relentless) and also those coil citronella thingys have really helped us! Don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help in any way! Enjoy!

    • Van-Tramp says:

      Hi Carole. Thanks for the advice. We are packing in a good amount of repellent. Hopefully it is enough.

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