Oh Savannah

After the scares of tornadoes and gators, we finally arrived in Savannah for our scheduled two week stay and the precipice of our journeys this year. Even though we would be here for twice as long as we normally stay in any one location, we really only had a single day to explore the city and see the sights. Kerri has been here before, so she gave me the short-list of places she thought I would like. I chose two of the three, but we did all three anyway. The unchosen (River Street) is a tourist trap but as it turned out I really enjoyed it… go figure.  We also put in our walking miles over the course of the day, exploring most of the historic squares spread out around the city.

The next morning we ventured back into town and took our place in line for the famous Ms Wilkes Dining Room which Kerri did not get to visit on her last visit. Because of her regret from the previous visit, she was committed to doing what ever was needed to make it happen this time – including standing in line, on the street, for two hours and twenty minutes.  To make matter worse, we chose not to eat breakfast that morning as we expected to eat a big lunch at Ms Wilkes. Obviously we did not expect the more than two hour wait. Nearly dead from hunger, we eventually made it to a table for a most glorious meal. The complete starvation leading up to it really helped in the experience and the perceived quality of the food; fried chicken, and more than a dozen side dishes… all of which I tried to eat but failed in that too. I left there completely over-stuffed and in major discomfort. Never before had my belly bulged to that extent.

Sitting was not an option for me, so Kerri forced me to walk around the beautiful Boneaventure Cemeetary to burn off some of calories. While I initially whined and cried like a teenage girl, after a half hour of walking around my stomach did feel better and I got to enjoy some sights to boot.

Eventually the first work week started and Kerri settled in the air conditioned trailer at the State Park. I went out to explore the nearby Fort Pulaski National Monument (she had already been in years past) to add my 89th notch to my National Park belt. Unfortunately, the Visitor’s Center was closed due to some repairs being done so no lapel pin could be purchased. That will bug me more than anyone can imagine, but at least I did get to explore the fort and snap a few photos before the bugs started pecking away at my skin (a norm in Georgia apparently). The remainder of the week was getting all the little things prepared for our big weekend backpacking adventure on Cumberland Island National Seashore.

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  1. Michele Overacker says:

    We found Fort Pulaski very interesting. Unfortunately, we arrived there too close to closing time and didn’t have time to do all the exploring we would have liked to do.

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