Ice Hote…Museum

Officially, it can not be referred to as a “hotel”. The Fire Inspector has said that it does not meet the fire-code of a “hotel” because – get this – it does not have sprinklers {insert eye roll here}. It doesn’t matter. Just let it go Tim…

This was a double-attraction stop for us as we got to see the Ice Museum and hit the Chena Hotsprings all in one location. It was an hour drive from Fairbanks, but was definitely worth it. We were lucky to have a Museum tour coming up shortly after our arrival. This ensured we did the Museum tour before the Hotspring without a long wait. You may be asking why it matters. The tour is 45 minutes at 20-degree ambient temperature. Wet hair would have sucked.

IMG_4695 IMG_4682 IMG_4707So we toured, took pictures, and Kerri enjoyed an Appletini at the ice-bar served in an ice martini glass. We then soaked in the Hotsprings for an hour or so before starting our way back to camp.


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  1. That is AWESOME!! Would love to do both!!

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