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Too old for paintball

In my youth I played my fair share of paintball, but it has been a decade since my last times played, and even then I paid the price for days after each game. This weekend, I did not want to pass up the opportunity to play with my own son when he invited me along, (actually he has been inviting me for a year, but I finally accepted).

To keep a long story short, we had a good time. Father and Son, doing what boys do on a Saturday afternoon. The problem is, I’m not a ‘boy’ anymore and some of the tactical maneuvers I once did in my 20′s earned me some pretty nasty scrapes and bruises in my 40′s. Still, these are times I do not want to miss sharing with my son…

100_9571 Window unload First game

Family Tour 2013 – Tobias

IMG_9019Alas, my final sibling-visit before I get to leave California; Tobias, the always well groomed brother.

Tobias has been held up in Auburn at a hotel for the past few weeks (work related) ruining by good plans to get us 3 brothers out for a ‘boy’s night’. Instead, I had to come up to him in Auburn – not that I minded, it was on my way out of the state. We had a nice evening at the restaurant in the hotel. The night was filled with eating, having a few drinks, and sharing some laughs. I even (finally) admitted to him that yes, it was me that stole his Nintendo game that caused us to get into a fight in our teenage years… the fight in which he pushed me through a window causing a 14″ shard of glass to go through my left shoulder. Boys will be boys!

It was the 3rd night in a row that I have slept indoors. I feel like I am cheating somehow.

Family tour 2013 – Steven

In all of my life, I can not recall a single time where Steven (my youngest brother) and I sat down and talked one-on-one – maybe we have, but not to my recollection. The kids watched Moose while Steven and I went out for some manly time – pizza and beer. Afterward we went back to his house to settle hang out with the family. All the kids have grown like trees! So much so that I really have a hard time calling them ‘kids’ now.


Steven and family took us in for the night: Petra, Milo, Stevie, Steven, and Mariah

That is two nights now that I have slept indoors. My 13-month streak  of sleeping exclusively in the van is officially broken. While I have no problems sleeping in the very-cold weather, it was my fear that Moose would freeze that brought me to accept the invitations to sleep indoors. As he gets older I will allow him to sleep with me on the bed on those cold nights, but for now he still has to stay in his crate overnight.