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I am not going to start this post off with an apology for my lack of activity these past few weeks. In fact, I am just going to ignore that fact and pretend everything is normal – because it is, other than I have not been blogging. So, to catch...

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Following the Wind

Follow the Wind consists of my nephew (Cameron) and his significant other (Jacqui) who just begun traveling last year. They picked my brain for months before setting off on a grand adventure to drive to the southern tip of South America. That adventure ended in the their killing of a...

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Milk-Can Supper

Mother and I were watching some cooking show (yea, that’s how I roll) when they featured a dish that we just had to try; Milk-Can Supper. It is a super-simple dutch oven recipe involving steaming all the the food using beer. As luck would have it, my younger Brother and...

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The joys of being the cool Dad

I promised Timmy that he could drive the Z to school after he got his license and a B average at school. He did both and I have been living up to my promise of allowing him to drive the car, knowing the risk I was putting the car in....

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Father’s Day

No where near as celebrated as the Mother’s edition, we Fathers get our day to be wined and dinned once a year as well. Today Timmy treated me out to breakfast at our local mom-n-pops dinner where the morning weather was so perfect, we ate our eggs and bacon out...

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Timmy’s sweet 16

Tim had his 16th birthday today. He chose an intimate family-only get together at his favorite (and expensive) restaurant followed by a very non-traditional apple turnover tower instead of a cake. Even Moose got to join in on the fun.