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Following the Wind

camnjacFollow the Wind consists of my nephew (Cameron) and his significant other (Jacqui) who just begun traveling last year. They picked my brain for months before setting off on a grand adventure to drive to the southern tip of South America. That adventure ended in the their killing of a Dolphin at which time they returned to California to buy a Westy. Since springtime they have been full timing in the Westy while living on Treasure Island in the SF Bay.

My goal was to get to California before they took off to restart (reattempt?) the adventure this December 1st. We took the time to reminisce and inspect each other’s vans. This was also my first time meeting Jacqui which Moose fell in love with instantly. Personally I only found her beautiful, graceful, funny… um, you get the point (Cameron won the lotto there, for sure).

Their first attempt is chronicled on their blog and well worth the reading and can also be followed on Instagram – their photography is superb as well as the writing.

He could just about drive the Westy inside Big Blue
He could almost park the Westy inside Big Blue… I don’t know how they do it.

Milk-Can Supper

Mother and I were watching some cooking show (yea, that’s how I roll) when they featured a dish that we just had to try; Milk-Can Supper. It is a super-simple dutch oven recipe involving steaming all the the food using beer.

As luck would have it, my younger Brother and family came out to enjoy our maiden milk-can voyage so we made up the full recipe to serve eight. Of course the recipe can be converted to a 2 or 4 serving recipe easily made in a van in a simple medium sized pot, which I plan to do in the future.

Additional photos of the fam…

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The joys of being the cool Dad

I promised Timmy that he could drive the Z to school after he got his license and a B average at school. He did both and I have been living up to my promise of allowing him to drive the car, knowing the risk I was putting the car in. I called and had the car fully covered on the insurance to be safe.

It took only two weeks, but yesterday following his release from school, his first fender-bender took place. It is mostly cosmetic sheet metal along with the driver’s-front strut broken, all easily replaced. The extent of the injuries was a bitten lip and a bruised ego.

I recall my first accident; 28 days after getting my first car… a story for another day perhaps.


Father’s Day

No where near as celebrated as the Mother’s edition, we Fathers get our day to be wined and dinned once a year as well. Today Timmy treated me out to breakfast at our local mom-n-pops dinner where the morning weather was so perfect, we ate our eggs and bacon out on the patio of the restaurant.

An afternoon visit to the batting cages made up for the greasy (but yummy) breakfast. No injuries to report this time visiting the cages and my kind of F-day.

Timmy at the batting cages, then (May 2010) and now

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