2017 Travels

It is time again, the start of a whole new year of traveling (my 7th year) and as usual I have the year already planned out… mostly, as room for changes are built in. In fact, not only have we already begun our 2017 travels, we have already made two changes to the route in just the first two weeks of the travels!

In 2017 the plan has been to make a run for Big Bend National Park in Texas, but not before getting Kerri to a few National Parks she has not been too as adult in Arizona and New Mexico. After Big Bend we continue East into New Orleans where we will spend the month of March. The Natchez Trace Parkway will lead us to Nashville where we will turn South East to Georgia and South Carolina. The Great Smokey Mountains and a quick visit to the Appalachian Trail before hitting Bourbon-country for Kerri. By summer we should be in the Great Lakes portion of the USA and start our slow migration back towards the Pacific North West, following the Luis & Clark route. A quick dip into Colorado (family) and Utah for a multi-day yak-packing trip in late summer before returning to Washington so Kerri can see those National Parks. Finally, a coastal drive will get us back into California for the holidays at the end of the year.

The adventures (in order):

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3 Responses

  1. Wow, almost a lap of the country.

  2. Jon Bjorkstrand says:

    When you leave Voyageurs in Northern MN and head towards ND you should swing a bit south and check out Itasca State Park in MN its where the source of the Mississippi is and a very nice park.