West Magnolia – Aspen Alley hike

Moose and I took the short 3 mile hike from our camp, up the Aspen Alley trail which then connects to the Whoop-Di-Do trail leading us back to Big Blue waiting in the shade of the pine.

The Aspen Alley part of the trail really lived up to it’s name. Aspen on both sides, sometimes very tightly packed to give an almost tunnel effect. Where it does open up to allow light in, the flowers take over to keep you snugly on the trail. At the top, the clear-cut areas offer numerous views of Nederland as well as Klondike Mountain (11,000 ft) and the North Arapahoe Peak (13,000 ft).



West Magnolia Campground

Just outside of Nederland, Colorado is West Magnolia Campground in the National Forest. I had never been here before, only just spotting it on the map the week before, so it became the target of my weekend out of the city.

IMG_2687An early Friday morning drive up was to secure a camp site before the weekend crowds arrived, but the 20 or so sites that we were forced to choose from were all taken. Frustration and lack of sleep plagued the morning, so instead of fighting it I parked Big Blue at a trail head and took a nice long nap. In the afternoon Moose and I took a walk along some of the trails that inter-twine through the campground. We stumbled onto a site that appeared to me occupied at first glance, but after questioning the nearby campers it had been abandoned days earlier. The previous campers had simply left all their trash behind like it was 1950 so it was easy to think the site was still in use (who does that anymore?). Continue reading

6 weeks to the end

It is the final leg of this summer’s urban camping festivities. In 6 weeks my temp work commitment will expire freeing me up to get back on the road. To celebrate, I go up the mountains this weekend for a much needed trip away from asphalt and civilization.

Full-timing in a van while exploring the country