5 years as a non-smoker

On August 31, 2009 I was down to my final 2 cigarettes and on my way to the local tobacco shop to buy another carton of cigarettes – $42 at the time – when it dawned on me that I would be blowing my monthly budget on the final day of the month… on cigarettes! That irritated me more than you could imagine so I turned around with the idea of, “I will just stop smoking then”.

I knew it was an empty threat. How? Because I knew I would not make that promise to my 11-year old son. As long as I dodged that promise I would always have a way out of quitting. So, I went home and gave him my final 2 cigarettes and simply said, “I will not smoke again”. I am not the kind of guy to break a promise to my own son so from that point on I was a non-smoker, no arguments about it.

I had quit smoking that easy, and I bought the van a few months later… replacing one addiction with another.



The joys of being the cool Dad


I promised Timmy that he could drive the Z to school after he got his license and a B average at school. He did both and I have been living up to my promise of allowing him to drive the car, knowing the risk I was putting the car in. I called and had the car fully covered on the insurance to be safe.

It took only two weeks, but yesterday following his release from school, his first fender-bender took place. It is mostly cosmetic sheet metal along with the driver’s-front strut broken, all easily replaced. The extent of the injuries was a bitten lip and a bruised ego.

I recall my first accident; 28 days after getting my first car… a story for another day perhaps.


Full-timing in a van while exploring the country