We are back!

Last night we made it back to the United States, crossing the Washington border just before 5pm. It has been more than 6000 miles since crossing into Canada back in early June. Kerri and I have already traveled 10,000 miles together, visiting eight states (three more Canadian provinces), three countries, and countless state and national parks.

We have not sat still for more than just a few days at a time since early June, so we are looking forward to a few days of no movement. We ponied up for a full week at a full hookup RV park. Showers, work, and relaxation are all that is planned for the next 7 days. Whew!

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You want to transport guns through Canada to Alaska?

Bringing guns into Canada is not as difficult as you may have heard, but there is some red-tape that you must accept before moving forward. The first thing to know, and one of the first questions they will ask you at the border is where you are going in Canada. Non-residents are NOT allowed to even transport a gun through a National Park in Canada. If you are declaring any guns and admit to wanting to see a National Park you will be denied the permit. So, choose your words carefully when answering this question or leave the National Parks for another trip. Continue reading You want to transport guns through Canada to Alaska?

Northern Lights

It has been just over two months since arriving in Alaska and one of the must-see things of this part of the world has eluded me the entire time; the Norther Lights. The first issue was the simple fact that for most of this same time period, the sun did not set. Once the sun began to set each night – still very late into the night though – I was on the ocean-side of this trip and clouds began to be the issue. Finally, every worked out with the sun setting and the clouds giving way to open sky, and after a half-hour wait… Continue reading Northern Lights

Wrangell National Park, McCarthy & Kennecott

No way were we going to take the trailer down 60 miles of rutted and washboard dirt road, so instead we found a nice free campground right outside of Chitina to call home base. From here we took the truck into the National Park to visit McCarthy and Kennecott. It turned out to be the right choice as everyone else we knew who drove their trailers down to McCarthy came out with some form of repairs to be made. Continue reading Wrangell National Park, McCarthy & Kennecott

Valdez Alaska

Valdez Alaska. Known for the oil spill even though the oil itself never touched a beach in the Valdez area. This place is all about oil, oil, oil. That big oil pipeline ends here, where it is fed to those enormous oil ships which haul it down to the West Coast of the lower 48 for consumer use.

The first three days of rain in the month of August, and were here for them all. We stuck around for the weather to clear to take our Lu-Lu Belle Glacier Tour, which was the primary reason we came down this far out of the way. Continue reading Valdez Alaska

Full-timing and while exploring the country.