The joys of being the cool Dad

I promised Timmy that he could drive the Z to school after he got his license and a B average at school. He did both and I have been living up to my promise of allowing him to drive the car, knowing the risk I was putting the car in. I called and had the car fully covered on the insurance to be safe.

It took only two weeks, but yesterday following his release from school, his first fender-bender took place. It is mostly cosmetic sheet metal along with the driver’s-front strut broken, all easily replaced. The extent of the injuries was a bitten lip and a bruised ego.

I recall my first accident; 28 days after getting my first car… a story for another day perhaps.


Kitchen Addition


My Mother and Sister will understand; we are never content with the status quo when it comes to the furniture. Since I can not longer relocate pieces within the van, I have instead chosen to add to it.

IMG_9736It’s an idea that has been pecking away at the far recesses of my mind for the past month. At the foot of the bed (or head, which ever way you care to see it) has been only empty space. Moose’s crate has occupied that space, but he rarely uses his crate anymore. It had become wasted space, the sin of all sins for a van dweller. A plan was devised to find something better,  something useful to my daily life, to inhabit that area.

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Full-timing in a van while exploring the country