Getting back on the horse

It has been just over 3 weeks and injury has turned to boredom. I have been both lucky and thankful to have Timmy and Imelda here to care for me during the worst of it. Though I could have managed on my own, it is always nice to have someone there with you in times like this. I have even spent these three weeks in the house as opposed to being in the van. While I have been warm and comfy with a beautiful woman caring for me, my van-dwelling-ego has taken a hit being out of my ‘home’ for so long.

I am anxious to get back on that horse (the van), which I hope to do by the end of this weekend. Then back to the gym to start my upper-body recovery… very slowly.


Life at a dead stop

It has been one full week since my little biking mishap. Seven full days, and today I am still 100% disabled. Life has come to a dead stop of all activities, even typing this post is a task filled with bursts of pain from my collarbone. Breathing reminds me of the two broken ribs every moment of every day. I can no longer work, and play is most definitely out of the question. I have little projects on the van I’d like to do, but no way could I o them. The simple task of walking Moose the two blocks to the dog-park results in the need of a two hour nap after. I never knew how closely joined my right-foot is to the muscles in my left-shoulder. Any movement, any where on my body, makes that shoulder scream out.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’m taking much less pain killers than a few days ago. Though the pain still persists, it is not as potent as it once was. Less pain killers means I should be able to stay awake more of each day, go for more walks, or even drive to go do something (not physical of course).  Hopefully in another week I can do more, and more again another week down the calendar. I have seven and a half weeks before Hawaii. Hopefully that is enough time to get to a stage to at least do some swimming and mild hiking.

I’m told they happen in three’s

It’s been a rough 45 days. Yesterday was the icing on the cake, the 3rd case of major bad luck to fall into my lap.

z damageThe first was Timmy’s little fender-bender in my Datsun. He learned just how easy it is to get into an accident, and it has since humbled him in his driving. We have since acquired all the necessary parts to put it back together, but have lacked the time to do so. Now it appears it will sit for the winter.

JeepThe second case of bad luck was my own automobile accident just last weekend. A minor distraction combined with poor lighting in a parking lot and a well place concrete pillar all conspired against me and I well and thoroughly mashed up Imelda’s new Jeep. Gieco, who was wonderful with the Datsun dealings may now be getting suspicious of this family.

xrayFinally, yesterday I jumped on my bike to ride over to the gym for an afternoon workout. I only made it half way where the chain gave out at the worst of times sending me over the handlebars where I landed on the concrete sidewalk… on my left shoulder. This resulted in a broken collarbone, two fractured ribs, and the end of my temp work during the 6 weeks (or more) recovery time.

This all reminds me of a quote, “The adventure begins only when the plans have failed” (cant remember who said it). The adventures sure have begun!

Full-timing in a van while exploring the country