New plates from my new state

South Dakota… South Dakota. It will take a while to get accustomed to saying it, but today I climbed another step closer to South Dakotan-ship; new license plates and registration for both vehicles.

The plates are even sequentially numbered, with the Datsun getting 1BN N38 and the van getting 1BN N39. How cool is that?


Big Blue version 3.0

In 2011 I rebuilt the interior of the van from it’s original configuration. Since then I have done minor tweaks, but have only threatened to complete another rebuild. I have been living in the van full-time since then, making it much more difficult to do any sort of rebuild. This year, I finally stopped threatening and got-’er-done!

While I was in Utah last month I relocated one of the counter/cabinets from the passenger side of the van to the driver’s side, giving me one long counter space on the driver’s side of the van. I then slapped together an overhead shelf above that to house the microwave and the dry-foods I regular, clearing up both counter-top and pantry storage space. The cabinets got some much needed new panel board and cabinet doors to freshen up the old particle board which was slowly breaking apart.

This past week I completely removing the entire couch/bed and rear storage systems. This accounted for the rear five feet of the floor space; space I planned to use very differently… Continue reading

Full-timing in a van while exploring the country