Empire Mine

Empire Mine is “one of the oldest, largest, deepest, longest and richest gold mines in California.” It also happened to be right down the road from us, show Kerri showed me around her local state park.

While the mine shaft itself was cool and all, it was the Estate and grounds that were truly impressive and included a greenhouse, gardens, fountains, a reflecting pool, and a clubhouse with tennis courts, bowling alley and squash courts.IMG_7501 IMG_7497

Changing plans

Yesterday as Kerri and I were driving down the highway we started discussing the possibility of drastically changing our route (planned more than 18 months out). One of the great things about this lifestyle (living on the road) is that you can change your plans on a whim. After a night’s sleeping on it, we both agreed that it would be more enjoyable to make the proposed change; to include Baja Mexico instead of heading to New Orleans.

We both had our minds set on New Orleans, but with my son graduating this upcoming year we had a pretty tight schedule plotted out. We would have been driving every week for the first 5 months of the year, barely able to relax, to make the deadline. We had already discussed slowing our pace so we could more easily explore each area we live before moving on to another.

Our original plan through September 2016

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IMG_7483 The title pretty much says it. It has been a full week of nuttin’ doing, at least in the adventure department. Instead we are hanging out in Grass Valley with Kerri’s parents (which are quite nice I might add), eating home cooked meals, taking the occasional hot shower and dodging falling limbs (image below). It seems we brought Washington’s rain to California as well. Can’t really complain about it either since California is in such dire need of any rain fall. In fact, the dumping of our gray water right onto the ground is seen as a public service around these parts, since it came from Oregon. Anyway, we linger here for another 10 days, enjoying the sounds and weather of the Sierra foothills, before heading down into the Bay Area once again for my side of the family. Continue reading Nuttin

Completing the loop

It’s been a long week of driving. Since leaving Astoria we set on driving each evening, after work, to arrive in the Bay Area by the weekend. Newport was just the beginning with numerous stops plotted out along the route. We could not drive far on any given day, but as long as we drove each day we would arrive on schedule – actually two weeks ahead of schedule. Continue reading Completing the loop

Started exploring the country full-time in a van in 2011. Met Kerri in Jan 2015 and now travel with her in an Airstream trailer. Though I am still a van-guy at heart, I now chronicle my days as an van-guy living in an Airstream with an amazing nomadic partner.