Pleasant Valley Pit

Just North of Bishop, CA and only a half mile off Hwy 395 is Pleasant Valley Pit Campground operated by the Bishop BLM. Even though there is a $2 per night cost, it is so low that even this penny-pincher considers it “free”. It is – literally – a pit in the desert with camping sites on two different levels; both in the pit and atop.

Google Map 37.401204, -118.508759

Roughly 80 sites are sprinkled into the 1 square kilometer campground. To put that into perspective, each site gives just enough room for a Subaru wagon and a tent and little more. There are some larger sites, but they are few, and mainly on the top ring of sites.

When I visited about 50-60 sites were occupied giving it a vibe more of a hippy get-together than anything. With no trees and all the sites so closely packed in, privacy simply does not exist. You are left with no choice but to get to know your neighbors. Whether or not that is a good thing I leave to you.

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Volcanic Tablelands

The Volcanic Tablelands is a vast volcanic landscape that was formed over 700,000 years ago by materials spewing from the Long Valley caldera, located to the northwest [of Bishop, CA] – BLM

Moose and I sent a single night camped out on top of the Volcanic Tablelands and even though I have hung onto this post for a few days trying to find something to say about the area, it still escapes me. Basically, it is an adequate place to boondock right out of Bishop, CA with 3G & 4G signals depending on your line of sight to Bishop. Other than that, there is little else to talk about. The pictures probably say more than I can…

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Crossing into California

I was parked at the Scotty’s Castle Junction to Death Valley on Hwy 95 (about 30 miles North of Beatty) when I woke at 2 AM for no good reason. So I got to the driving and finally crossed into California via Hwy 266 from Nevada & Hwy 168 up and over the Westgard Pass in the Inyo National Forest in California. Moose and I actually stopped in the Ancient Bristlecone Forest for a nap before the sun rose which turned out to be a great thing. With morning rays in the sky and our descent from the mountain pass, we were welcomed into California by the Sierra’s themselves…

IMG_0678IMG_0679I then pulled into a scheduled stop at the Keough Hot Springs just South of Bishop for a morning bath and a selfie. I did try to convince Moose to come in, even forcing it on him once – he kept a good distance from me after that.


Full-timing in a van while exploring the country