Separated from sunrise

It has been a few days since my last semi-adventurous post, but the harsh reality is that I have little to report. I will give you what I can:

A few days ago I left Big Blue in the capable hands of Leigh and Drea who were nice enough to haul it to our next camping location. The van is now empty, but hanging out with the others just off Interstate 8 in Southern California. I separated from Big Blue to accompany a beautiful woman to the greater Los Angeles area. It didn’t take much convincing on my part. I am told that my role during this 3-day trip is that of a body guard but something sinister lurks… I can feel it.

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Ricardo Breceda sculptures

Surrounding Borrego Springs is more than 100 sculptures, all part of an enormous outdoor gallery of Ricardo Breceda’s visions of creatures that once roamed this part of California.

A more dedicated photographer might visit the sculptures during ideal lighting – over many mornings and evenings – to capture the full majesty of each. Me, I am happy to just get a few mediocre mid-day images to remember that time I walked with the Sea Serpent in the desert.

IMG_1703IMG_1695 IMG_1708IMG_1690


Full-timing in a van while exploring the country