Stretching out the plans

I normally do not plan too far ahead, as I know my plans will invariably change, but Kerri’s work schedule requires a little more premeditation in the strategy department. Adding to the need is the desire to meet up with some of the Airstream convoy also making the foray into Alaska for the summer. Because of the increase in need I have a rough plan stretching as far out as the end of this calendar year (and a little into the next if I must be 100% honest). It is only 8000 miles…

You can see the entire plan at

Classic Video Games & Pinball

There was a time when I would mow a lawn each week, grab my $7 payment and ride my BMX bike to the nearest arcade and blow every last hard earned quarter on Galaga or Space Invaders. Over the years, my tastes developed to include pinball. In my late teens PC games became my thing and even now it is not only my preference for gaming, it is also my livelihood.

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Full-timing and while exploring the country.