Virgin Dam boondocking

We had other plans for boondocking near Zion National Park, but when Kerri found a few Instagram-buddies parked nearby at a totally unknown location (to me), we headed that direction. The Virgin Dam BLM area overlooks the Virgin River and the Dam below, with 360 degrees of desert awesomeness surrounding us. Even though it is only a few miles outside of Hurricane, UT and a 30 minute drive into the National Park, those are not the biggest selling points as to why this place rocks. It is the view, the birds, and the river slowly creeping past below – way below – us… just wow! Continue reading Virgin Dam boondocking

Eastbound after Mono Lake

Our week in the Mono Lake area has come to an end. A good week it was, with a good helping of hiking, sight seeing, and even socializing. Our week was spent with the most amazing view of Mono Lake on one side, the Eastern Sierras on another, and a line of young volcanoes to another. No matter which way we looked, the view was breathtaking – my kind of camping. Our spot (see happened too be the only spot in the area large enough to handle anything larger than a truck or van setup… not that we knew that right away or anything. By day-2 we had company and figured that would be the norm for the rest of the week, and it was. Continue reading Eastbound after Mono Lake

Bodie State Historic Park

Just over two years ago, I started following Kerri on Instagram (at the behest of two friends… I swear, I wasn’t stalking or anything) and soon afterwards commented on an image she posted of Bodie State Historic Park. That comment, although short, was our first interaction, and something we both talk about from time to time. She ignored all my other comments afterwards, until we met face to face a year later, where my good looks and charm swept her off her feet faster than she could say “go away” (thankfully). When we had the chance to visit Bodie State Historic Park together, as a couple, it came with a little extra meaning for us. But that plan nearly crashed and burned. On our way into the Mono Lake area we passed the highway leading into Bodie and it was blocked by a large sign empirically stating that the road was closed. We were heart broken.  Continue reading Bodie State Historic Park

I started exploring the country full-time in a van in 2011. I met Kerri in Jan 2015 and travelled in her Airstream trailer through out 2015. In 2016 we take the van out – for what might be my final trip in the van – to Mexico