Attempted killings and zombies near Mulege

As we entered town of Mulege, “Barbara” (Kerri’s Garmin GPS which she insisted on bringing even though it can’t speak a lick of Spanish) told us, in that monotone synthetic yet somehow demeaning voice, to exit the highway to the right. I do not know why I still listen to this stupid thing, as once again it lead my off a nicely paved highway and onto a steep gravel road that led to nowhere safe for Big Blue. Barbara insisted, with Kerri supporting her all the way. I gave up, lacking the constitution to argue with two women at once, even if one was very, very, bad with directions… and the other was a computer. Continue reading Attempted killings and zombies near Mulege

Shipwrecked in Bahia de Los Angeles

We had heard stories of the road leading south of San Felipe. The final 25 miles of HWY5 before reconnecting to MEX1 had not yet been paved and was under construction. Knowing that this meant a whole different thing then in America, I was not expecting any comfort on that stretch of “road”. I aired the tires down to reduce some of the rattling and we set out hoping for the best. Our convoy partners took off the night prior, opting to stay a night in Puertecitos before tackling the road themselves. We hoped they would rescue us when Big Blue died…


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I started exploring the country full-time in a van in 2011. I met Kerri in Jan 2015 and travelled in her Airstream trailer through out 2015. In 2016 we take the van out – for what might be my final trip in the van – to Mexico