Backpacking supplies – part 2

After purchasing the larger items necessary to go on our first backpacking trip, we still had a long shopping list of smaller items to pickup to do it right. While keeping weight as a priority we did not go for the uber high end titanium gear, but a fair share of aluminum and light plastics will do for now and probably far into our future of backpacking. Continue reading Backpacking supplies – part 2

Backpacking supplies – part 1

We had nothing at all when it came to backpacking supplies. Starting from scratch as we did, we had to buy pretty much everything, and we did so within two weeks of our first trip into the wild – backpacks, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, a tent, and even all the cooking gear and other nick-nacks. Neither of us wanted to break the bank buying all this gear, but after some great advice from the power couple, Seth & Drea, we decided that there were a few areas that we would not skimp… much… Continue reading Backpacking supplies – part 1

Our first backpacking adventure

Well, we finally did it. We went backpacking after a long time talking and dreaming about it. With a scheduled trip for the Memorial Day weekend already planned, we set out to pick up all the gear we needed while being parked in the metro area. We ran all over Boulder, Longmont, and Fort Collins between REI, Jax, and Sierra Trading Post, along with a dozen or so packages from Amazon (special thanks to the Longmont Moose Lodge for allowing us to ship so many things to their door), and after 10 days or so we had all that we needed to get out on the trail… but Memorial Day weekend was still more than a week away… so we changed our plans (we do this a lot), and took off this past Saturday afternoon instead. Continue reading Our first backpacking adventure

Be back soon… gone backpacking

Finally, after a year talking about it, Kerri and I spent the past week going all over the Boulder, Longmont, and Fort Collin’s areas in search of all the gear necessary for beginner’s backpacking. A couple Cleveland’s (yep, I said Cleveland’s) later and we have everything we need… including 1.5 pounds of powdered butter.

This weekend, we take all that gear out for its first proper use with a hike into the Roosevelt National Forest just outside of the Rocky Mountain National Park. Even the dogs, and aย  get to join us.

Here is to a fun weekend!

Our mini-noitacav

Sure, most people would consider our nomadic lifestyle as already a vacation, and the low-stress life of living full time on the road does not necessarily beckon us to take a dedicated vacation or anything. But we did anyway, a reverse-vacation – from nomad to sitting still – a Noitacav.

Last year when we dropped into Silver Plume for a visit to Dram Apothecary, Kerri and I were seduced by the nearly ghost town ambiance that is Silver Plume. OK, sure, the fine drinks of Dram may have played a roll but we were seduced nonetheless. When Dram announced that they bought another building in town and were converting it to a 3-room lodge, Kerri was fast to jump on the Kickstarter campaign, locking us in for a 2-night stay when the rooms were completed. One room had been completed and we set a reservation for a weekend we knew we would be in town anyway. We would abandon the dogs at sitters for the weekend, giving us a weekend fully to ourselves – a vacation of sorts. Continue reading Our mini-noitacav

I started exploring the country full-time in a van in 2011. I met Kerri in Jan 2015 and travelled in her Airstream trailer through out 2015. In earky 2016 we took the van to Mexico, and are now back in the Airstream.