Denali National Park

Visiting Denali is not like the other National Parks I have been too. Most, if not all, other parks have roads that bring you to the historic sights or viewpoints, Denali is different. There is a single 90-mile road, but only the first 15 miles are accessible by the average visitor like myself. After that 15th mile, only tour buses are allowed. This conserves and protects the park, and its wildlife, so I have no real complaint about it. Sure I’d love to see more than 15 miles of the park, but the only option is to ride for hours on a bus filled with tourists… no thank you. Continue reading Denali National Park

Pioneer Park

Most of our time in Fairbanks – only a few days – was spent catching up on work and laundry. We did get out for only a single day out on the town, most of which entailed the drive up to Chena Hot Springs and the Ice Museum. Later that same evening we rolled across town to Pioneer Park, a free historical theme park of the greater Alaska area. Normally city run parks are not very exciting places to visit, but Pioneer Park is the exception to that rule.

IMG_4736 Continue reading Pioneer Park

Big Delta State Historical Park

Big Delta State Historical Park was an important crossroad for travelers, traders, and the military during the early 1900’s and Rika’s Roadhouse is the centerpiece of the park.

Honestly, I knew nothing of the place until reviewing the Traveler’s Guide to Alaskan Camping which outright stated, “even if you are not going to camp here, this is a place you must stop”. So, with that endorsement it made the list for a stop at the least. Once we did make the stop, the calm quiet of “no-where Alaska” bribed us into staying two nights before moving onto Fairbanks. Continue reading Big Delta State Historical Park

Driving up the AlCan

Before making this trip through Canada I heard all these stories of the AlCan (Alaska-Canadian Highway) and just how rough and tough it is. It was the subject of many worried discussions between Kerri and me. We talked about mud flaps, bubble wrap, and foam to protect the Airstream during the 1300 miles of rough and tumble gravel roads we were going to have to deal with during our blitz into Alaska. Continue reading Driving up the AlCan

Full-timing and while exploring the country.