The battle of Kelly Lake

It was a possibility to drive all the way into Kenai after leaving Hope. The choice had not been made until just 30 miles shy of arriving in the Kenai area. Instead of going all the way into the city for the weekend, we would stop at one of the three free campgrounds inside the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.

Initially we looked at Peterson Lake, but three of the four sites (each campground consisted of a large gravel lot with 4 campsites and a boat ramp) were taken. We moved on to Kelly Lake. We lucked into a completely empty campground and pulled right into the prime water-front spot, right next to the boat ramp for an easy kayak launch.

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There is Hope

I was not sure what to expect from Hope when we left Anchorage. I knew it was a quaint town on the water of the Turnagain Arm, but nothing prepared me for just how cool it is. The entire town consists of a cafe, a bar, a gift shop, and a few cabins sprinkled about. Not much else exists here… but for very popular location to do some fishing.

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