Why I blog

Make no mistake, I am not under some delusion that the general public, average Joe (or Jane), care what I have to say. I do not pretend to be funny, informative, or even worthy of reading. I lack the education and certainly the skills of proper writing. My 8th grade education is what you get, and combined with the limited time I have each day to write/blog I will never been the ‘cool place to visit’. Guess what… I’m perfectly fine with that as I blog for other reasons.

First and foremost, I write this blog for my Mom (hi Mom!). My Mother lives in California and this is the easiest way I have to keep her up to date with where I am, what I am doing, and where I plan to be tomorrow, complete with images, video, maps and more. I believe my nomadic lifestyle scares her to some extent, so early on I spent a lot of time on my cell phone keeping her in the loop. Sure I could continue to call her on the cell phone each day, but that will not help me with…

I write this blog for myself. My memory of what I did just last month often fails me. This blog allows me to re-live my experiences complete with images, video, maps and more, even years later. I love that I can go back to my first road-trips and re-live them with… myself. Heck, I am probably my own most frequent reader.

Lastly, I have multiple brothers, a sister, a half-million nieces and nephews, and my own son (none of which currently visit my blog, that I know of) that may some day want to know where their brother/uncle/dad may be and what he is doing.

If you do not fit into the above categories, you are still more than welcome to read, enjoy, make fun of (behind my back please), or join in… just bare with my writing skills (or lack there of). Hey, if something I say or do causes you to chuckle, or even help you in some way, then that is great too.

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4 Responses

  1. Aluminarium says:

    I blog for the same reasons and my mom is also a little bit scared of how we live. It’s funny how our “regular” friends don’t read the blog, but strangers on the internet do.

  2. Susanna says:

    I am enjoying your blog tons! Getting lots of ideas and tips so thank you very much for writing it.
    I wanted to say hi so you would have a ‘face’ to the IP address popping up.
    I’m new to the rv/trailer/van life and am obsessively working my way through all the great blogs and forums.
    If you guys come through CA I have a ranch, well my bf does, that is beautiful and I want to share with like minded people so drop me an email.

  3. WINSTON SMITH says:

    That is way cool,, I will try to follow you folks,,,

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