To Blaha for Carnival

Last time through here – Loreto – I considered the town very ‘Blah’. It wasn’t small enough for my liking or big enough to have much in it. This time around my feelings have changed a lot. I’m really not sure what has changed my opinion of Loreto, but it is happening. So why did we come here if it was underwelming to begin with? Carnival!

Not really, but yes. The little Carnival festivities they have here in Loreto are much like the county fairs from my childhood. In 2016 we were just lucky to stumble onto it, but this time we made sure to be here during this weekend, at least for a single night. I know what you are thinking, “a county fair isn’t worth driving 2 hours and hanging around an entire week for”. You are correct. It is not the carnival itself, but a specific taco stand that had to be tackled.

See, last time we didn’t know the Carnival fair-type-thing was down here that night. We ate a large dinner and set out for a walk along the water and just happened upon it. We were already beyond full-stomach-capacity but I went in for a taco anyway and it was the best taco in all of Mexico, guaranteed… not worth debating. However, we were both too full to eat any beyond the teaser, argh!

We have talked about that taco for two years, so when we had the chance to return on Carnival weekend to maybe stuff a few of them down our faces… yea, we drove hours out of our way, stayed in a cramped gravel parking lot, and waited around for 4 days for them. The tacos were worth it, O. M. G!!!

We then left Loreto without a phone call, or a thank you, or even a “I will call you later”. We were done with Loreto now that the tacos were in our tummy. I leave you with the following mouthwatering temptations… Tacos al Pastor for the win!

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