Starting a new trend

For some time now I have been an “Airstreamer”. At least as far as anyone knows that I meet driving down the highway. I have grown accustomed to the standard greeting when you see another truck towing an Airstream on the road; flash the high beams as you pass each other. Kerri and I have even caught ourselves nearly flashing when we do not have the trailer in tow, how socially awkward would would that be?

Anyway… I have been telling Kerri that we should change the standard headlight flashing into a real flashing. You know, flash our boobs at the approaching Airstream couple. So, a few weeks back, in Idaho (of all places) with an Airstream heading right towards us on the highway, I exclaimed, “I’m going to do it!” (since I am in the passenger seat, Kerri does all the driving while towing). I grabbed for the bottom of my shirt and raised it over my head and gave a good and proper titty-flash to the unsuspecting Airstreamers in hopes that they too will follow suit the next time they have the opportunity.

Proud of myself, I settled in for the remaining miles of our drive that day. A few minutes pass, and a text pops up on Kerri’s phone from our friends and fellow Airstream family; the Currens, “Hey, did we just pass you on the road?”

Oh damn it!

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3 Responses

  1. Shawna says:

    Now THAT would be socially awkward! Lol

  2. Alan B Christensen says:

    The only think I flash at other drivers is my middle finger.

  3. Dennis says:

    I will keep my eyes open the next time I pass an AirStream. Maybe I will be the lucky one.

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