Revisiting the Sawtooth Mountains

It involved two big days of driving – solely by Kerri, I might add – but 770 miles were conquered solely to avoid having to stop for a work week in Utah where daytime temps where higher than we would have been able to tolerate with our re-broken AC unit. Sure, we arrived a week earlier then planned, but at this time of the year a two or three week period of sitting still sounds great. More so when you factor in that where we were going has daytime temps in the low-80s. And mountains!

We came here specifically to watch the eclipse later in the month. Obviously we are not the only people who thought of this idea, but an early arrival means we get more choices of where we will call home until the big day. An unmarked dirt road, hidden behind a closed gate, should provide a bit of security from the masses who will be descending on the Sawtooth Mountains in the coming days… we hope.

For now, thanks to numerous fires in the nearby area as well as neighboring states, we are just relaxing in this mildly smokey meadow enjoying the company of some friends who also came out to Idaho for the eclipse. Heck, we have even seen out first sunrise in some time. Laziness is a bitch.

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