Returning to Rhyolite

While in Death Valley National Park I made sure to bring Kerri up to see Rhyolite, my first ever ghost town from a road trip I took with my Mother back at the beginning of 2011. My Mother and I stumbled onto Rhyolite at the time and it has always held a special place in my heart, both because if was my first, but also because I got to experience it with my Mother who, at the time, I really did not know that well. She took a month long road trip with me back then, and this ghost town was day-3 for us.

This time around, Kerri and I parked Big Blue at the beginning of town and walked all over the place with the dogs, who loved all the morning activity (at least Moose did). My memory recalls more standing buildings when I was here last, but it has been proven numerous times lately that my memory makes shit up. Still, what is left of the structures are dramatic and cool.

At the end (or beginning depend on how you lean) is an artist compound with some pretty unique displays.

We browsed, ate a quick breakfast, used the vault toilet nearby (always a plus when van dwelling) and rolled into Beaty, NV for fuel for the following day’s long drive.


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