Returning to Point Reyes

Kerri has a spot. A spot that she must return too when within a days drive. A place that not only causes her to break out in smiles, but for those smiles to continue infecting her the entire time she remains. The Marin coastline – Point Reyes National Seashore to be specific – is that place for her. We made sure to set a week aside to come here before arriving at either of the Family’s places, since it has been nearly one full year since Kerri got to see the Pacific Ocean.

We dove straight into the ocean-activities. Not surfing or diving or anything like that, but oyster shucking, pastry devouring, dining, sea-lion watching,Β  and sunsetting (not really a word).

But alas, we did get some physical activity in; a short 2 mile hike (hey! you hike two miles in the sand, it is hard!) in Point Reyes to an old abandoned farm where I day dreamed of being lost at sea and stumbling onto the farm. I’d have been happy here, if only I cared to eat seafood.

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