Proud to be a Coloradan

coloradoflag_erinI am not a political person by any means, but when a politician blatantly lies and cheats the system to push his/her own beliefs over those of the people he/she represents, then I do take offense. My understanding of politics, and the supposed democracy we have here in the USA, means that elected officials are OUR employees to do what WE tell them to do.

Two Senators in Colorado failed to do what we Coloradan’s demanded of them last year, choosing instead to cheat the law-making systems within the state, which in turn punished law abiding citizens like myself. On Sept 10, 2013 the people they supposedly represent fired them both in a history-making recall election that is sending shock waves across the country. To those Coloradan’s able to vote in this election; Good on you and thank you!

UPDATE: Dec 2013 – A third senator, Evie Hudak, has decided to resign instead of face another recall election in Colorado – one that could have tipped the senator control out of democratic hands. Anyone who believes that these three senators were right to vote how they did, these elections are proof that they did not represent her districts interests, but their personal ones.

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