Moochdocking at the Moose

We left Duluth, heading North, for our weekend tent-camping trip. We chose not to haul the trailer the two hour drive, instead making arrangements for it to stay back in the small town of Two Harbors at the local Moose Lodge. After our return, we stayed the work week in a grassy area just off the parking lot of the Lodge. I became a Loyal Order of the Moose member in 2013 and I am so happy I did. These little pockets of “family” no matter where I go in the country are great. I was welcomed by everyone in the Lodge as if I were family, shared a few drinks and stories and got to play some more poker this past week. We had no hookups at the Moose Lodge, but Kerri and I both agree that it felt good to be back on Solar power. With the day’s so long, there was no worry about power consumption, a good starter-week for solar power.

We both have been discovering the effects that a few months on the South has had on our bodies, so the early morning of each day during our stay was spent outside on a proper few-mile dog-walk each morning. The pooches loved it and it felt good to get the day’s process started for us as well. As it turned out, Two Harbors had a nice walking trail that led out to a lighthouse, and nice wooded area, and a few beaches.Β Superior Lake only a few minute walk and always in view helped Kerri feel at home.

Two Harbors is a small town, for sure, with the downtown consisting mostly of shuttered old businesses, a train museum, a new brewery (we tried it, and it was no big thing), and the large container-ship loading docks where ore is loaded into the ships. They command much of the horizon when it town. They are so large, that when a container ship pulls in to be loaded that it – the huge ship – is dwarfed by the structure. Trains arrive constantly with more ore to load into the ships. It is a working town, even today. I truly enjoyed our stay here in Two Harbors, and would be happy to return some day.

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