Meeting the San Juans

We moved on after only a few days camped just outside of Durango. We didn’t move far, but we did move a few thousand feet up the San Juan Mountains to get back to free camping in the wild. Our spot, only a short hop from the first pass in these here mountains, was Old Lime Creek Road.  It is not far off the main highway but the spot we were lucky to get (thanks to another couple just packing up to leave as we pulled in) commanded one helluva view out our window.

The weather has been on the wet side for the past few days, with daily rain coming in the early afternoon and lingering throughout the night. No complaints though, the mountain rain is welcomed over the heat of the high desert that surrounds the San Juans.

On our first full day off we took the dogs on a short hike. Just 2.5 miles up a rocky and pitted road is the Potato Lake Trailhead, which leads out to Potato Lake (or Spud Lake, depending on where you are looking) only 1.2 miles out. Although not a long hike it starts in the 9,400 ft elevation and my lack of exercise (and age) showed itself. The dogs loved it, with Moose hauling ass up and down the trail like a madman and Byron taking to the lake waters, also like a madman. It is just what we needed to start our weeks stay in the San Juan Mountains.

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    What beauty!

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