Leading on a vaquero

Two years ago, when camped on a beach, I was approached by a nicely dressed Mexican cowboy (aka, Vaquero). Complete with a large hat and equally sized buckle (and a gold tooth) he went on in his native language to explain to this non Spanish speaking gringo that he has a ranch with horses and he is selling horseback tours. At the time I was still working seven days a week and couldn’t go out on a long tour, but I was never really able to convey that concept to him. It must have been the length of time I talked with him as an affirmation that I was going on a tour with him, since the next time we met (weeks later) he was clearly let down that I never showed to the scheduled ride.

Fast forward two years, camped at the same beach, he approached again. This time we were able to communicate a bit better and now with a much more forgiving schedule I could partake in a horse ride. I tried to explain that *if* I was here (at the campground we were at that day) on Feb 6th, I’d like to take him up on his offer. I wasn’t sure if we were coming back to that area this week or heading to Loreto to enjoy the Carnival festivities the following weekend. We ended up choosing Loreto, where we are today. Carnival starts tonight.

It is the “if” part that I am not so sure translated to the cowboy. I think I may have led him on thanks in large part to my lack of ability to converse properly with him. It has haunted me all week, just how dejected this Vaquero must be feeling – twice rejected by a van tramp. Maybe I should have worn more conservative clothing too.

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