Kayaking Palmetto Island State Park

Prior to our yak-packing trip in Grand Teton back in Sept of last year, we had gone almost one full year since putting the kayaks in the water. Since that time, the kayaks have been used no less than four times, two of which took place in the last few weeks. And then comes this Palmetto Island State Park where we have stayed this past week to get some more peace and quiet (and free laundry!!!).

One of our morning we set out to tackle the 2 kilometer canoe trail links three small lakes together via a twisting bayou through a jungle and swamp land. The weather was playing nice for the first time in the week, with temperatures in the mid 50’s and the humidity at a non-deadly rating. Even the bugs let us have some alone-time thanks to the cooler weather.

The canoe trail is intended for families renting a canoe – almost like a Disney ride – while staying at the park, but we still hoped to see some gators along our paddle… with no such luck. A few Great Egrets joined us, and once again the iPhone camera failed in every way to capture an image of anything further away than 30 feet.

The entire trip didn’t take a lot of time out of our morning, but the simple act of Kerri getting up and moving this early makes for a great day.

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