Isle of Kerri

For our final kayaking in the Grand Teton area we chose to revisit Jackson Lake inside the National Park. Though it was one of our first, it has so many nooks-n-crannys that it deserved another day of exploration.

GOPR6796This day, instead of heading into the inlets and channels to Half Moon Bay we paddled straight out of Coulter Bay into Jackson Lake proper to attack Half Moon Bay from the lake side. In the process we would skip right past a small island off the main land, so we stopped in for a peak around.

GOPR6793 GOPR6779GOPR6781It did not take long as the island was not much larger than a football field. It was clear we were not the only ones that set foot on the island, but nothing on the maps indicated a name. So, we named it as if we were the first explorers; Isle of Kerri (say it 3 times fast).

Back on the water, we stretched our legs in the full body of water that is Jackson Lake, but only long enough to work around the land to re-enter Half Moon Bay. Here we captivated ourselves with the smaller channels that intertwine around the small islands and the mainland itself in a maze-like fashion…

GOPR6771GOPR6799… finally settling in on a secluded inlet with enough trees to block the breeze and give us some glass-like water where I dropped the GoPro into the lake for some underwater images. Many down logs collected in this area providing some nice images…

underwater4As we turned back to Coulter Bay we came across yet another beaver, who was just as unimpressed and grouchy as the previous on in Leigh Lake. Again I tried to take some photos, and although I was able to find the pictures of the beaver later, it came out too just a few brown pixels is a sea of dark-green water, completely unnoticeable as a beaver or any wildlife at all. The images were promptly deleted, but we did see yet another beaver, which I must say was pretty cool.


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