Furnace Creek Wash boondocking

Just a short drive out of Shoshone (the Southern entry into Death Valley National Park) is Furnace Creek Wash (added to my boondocking map), a washboard gravel road that leads you West off the asphalt. Not a mile down that road is a bit of a gem of a boondocking area with huge views of the mountains surrounding all sides.

We dropped in here for a simple overnight stay, pulling in just before sunset, and leaving just after it’s return the following morning. A longer stay would have been in order if we did not have other plans as the beauty of the place was top-notch. I made sure to give Kerri some extra time in bed the following morning as I had us on a pretty stiff pace the past few days.

We are still getting accustomed to our van-lifestyle, and the routines that come with it. One thing in particular is that once the bed is pulled out, there is a drawer and a cabinet that is not accessible anymore. It was that drawer that we stored the can opener, and only after I was zonking out in bed did we realize the mistake, and we could not open the can of baked beans (I know, so cowbow right?) we were going to share for dinner. She ate a can of Spam (ew, but thankfully it is gone) and I simply snacked on my driving time jelly-beans. Luckily, all went well over that night. There were serious concerns from both parties after that meal.

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