Chesterfield Ghost Town

When I started this lifestyle, I never thought I’d have gone to dozens of ghost towns around the country. It comes as a side benefit of traveling around the West. I must profess my thankfulness that some have it in them to stand up and and take care of these old relics of our past. I sure hope those people continue so my son – and beyond – can visit them as well. Chesterfield, Idaho was another Oregon Trail town, and founded by Mormon settlers in the 1880’s. I wont bother to give any more of a history lesson then that. You can read more here if you wish.

Kerri and I took the dogs for the 40 minute drive from camp to the ghost town over the weekend. Not an ideal weather day for sure, but it did give a dramatic back drop to some of the photos. As is the norm in Idaho, the town was boarded and completely closed down as of Labor Day. No tours for us, but the town is open to the public anyway. The buildings that remain are spread out over a pretty good sized area. Walking to each wasn’t going to happen, so we drove from spot to spot. Moose gets a kick out of that; jumping in and out of the truck to explore a new place every few minutes. Byron on the other hand, explored a few then just stayed in the truck the rest of our visit.

Once again, I leave a Western ghost town with the longing of living in such a place. I could see myself, odd as it sounds, being a integral part of such a community. I’m not sure what that means to be honest. A farmer? A merchant? or the local thief? I dunno, but I’d love it.

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