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2018 Travels

In 2018 we plan to keep things West. Literally, the Western states will get most, if not all, our attention. First we will spend the winter months in Baja, Mexico (again), then into California where we will bounce all over the state to properly explore both our home state. Both...


Another Big Blue rebuild, 2018 plans

As much as I try, I can not be anyone other then who I am. I am a planner, sometimes to the point of sleepless nights. I enjoy the thought and planning process just as much as actually living out a well thought out plan. 2018 was being planned before...


Avoiding certain death and destruction

A knock on the door after dark usually goes unanswered by me, and this one would have been the same if it had not been that the man standing outside – the State Park Ranger – had already talked with us earlier that evening. Earlier he mentioned that the storm...