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Antelope Island

We made it out of Idaho and into Utah last week, staying not far out of Salt Lake City for my first time ever. I mean, I’ve passed through and even overnighted in the Salt Lake area before (many times) but I’ve never stuck around for more than just a...


Kayaking Palmetto Island State Park

Prior to our yak-packing trip in Grand Teton back in Sept of last year, we had gone almost one full year since putting the kayaks in the water. Since that time, the kayaks have been used no less than four times, two of which took place in the last few...


LBJ to the rescue

I mentioned in my previous post that LBJ – or his State & National Historic Site – came to our rescue by occupying us for a few hours on a travel day. Being a much-experienced and now jaded National Park visitor, these types (and Forts) usually do not hold my...