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Virgin Dam boondocking

We had other plans for boondocking near Zion National Park, but when Kerri found a few Instagram-buddies parked nearby at a totally unknown location (to me), we headed that direction. The Virgin Dam BLM area overlooks the Virgin River and the Dam below, with 360 degrees of desert awesomeness surrounding...


Bringing your gun to Oregon?

As we travel to each state local gun laws have an effect on us traveling folk. Traveling gun owners must research the each state’s gun laws before entering each state as they can vary dramatically. This week I visit Oregon State. Thank you for making your Amazon purchases through my...


Bringing your gun to Washington?

Following my previous blog post about transporting guns through Canada to Alaska, I though I would continue the trend and discuss transporting guns within our very own United States and the issues associated with each state. As I end up having to research each state’s laws before traveling into or...