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Penetrating Louisiana

We arrived in Louisiana last weekend, but only just. We barely made it 20 miles inside the state before exiting the Interstate and setup camp at the Intracoastal Park. This unscheduled stop came thanks to a meetup with Tricia & Cody of @OurWanderingRythm who refereed us to the place. A...


Favorite camping spots of Baja

Part two of my favorite camping spots of 2016 continues with our stay in Baja, Mexico. I wasn’t sure what to expect of Mexico (safety and all) but my expectations of Baja camping was clear; sandy beaches and maybe even learning how to surf while eating a lot of tacos...


Final ocean camping

Yea, we are back in Northern California, specifically to drop Big Blue off in storage for the rest of the year. A quick visit to my family, then off we went to Bodega Bay to get in one final week of ocean-life before heading inland for many months. Porto Bodega...