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Oh Savannah

After the scares of tornadoes and gators, we finally arrived in Savannah for our scheduled two week stay and the precipice of our journeys this year. Even though we would be here for twice as long as we normally stay in any one location, we really only had a single...


Welcome to Nashville

Originally Nashville was a pass-through point, not a week-long destination. But with the early exit of the Natchez Trace Parkway came an unscheduled stop not far out of Nashville-proper to burn away the extra time. Kerri frantically researched cool spots to visit and came up with a short list of...


Van Essential: Folding BBQ grill

Ever since I flattened my BBQ (way back in 2014, nearly a year before I met Kerri), I have been on the prowl for a replacement. OK, I admit my prowling about has been pretty lazy these past two years, and it may have been helped with the fact that...