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Re-visiting Death Valley

This was a much needed weekend just to ourselves. The group meetups are always a blast, but after a few days of it solitude is the medication I need. It was good timing as the group had broken up by early Saturday and Kerri and I took off on our...


Final days on the coast

I play it off that it is all about Kerri’s love of the ocean that drives me here. And while mostly true, it is also true that I too enjoy the spectacle that is the Pacific Ocean. I do not often voice my un-hatred towards anything California, but I can...


Final days in Minnesota

We left Voyageurs National Park early to drop a couple hours off our next weekend’s drive. If not, we would have had well over 8 hours of driving to get to our next week-long destination. Anyone that knows the ways of RV travel, 8 hours really means 12+ hours on...