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Weekend tent-camping in Minnesota

Over the weekend the four of us took off in the truck for two nights away from the Airstream, which was left at a Moose Lodge in the small town of Two Harbors, MN. Kerri and I wanted to explore the boundary waters area that makes up the Canada /...


Great Smoky Mountains

Finally, some mountains! It has been far too long for this mountain man to be away from home. The Great Smoky Mountains came to my rescue – literally pulling me out of a months long funk of grumpiness (ask Kerri, she knows). I have been looking forward to visiting this...


McKinney Campground

Immediately following my last blog post, two things happened; First, my back decided to play 90-year-old again and nearly freeze up. I caught it quickly and instead of fighting the initial feelings, I went with it and hopefully saved myself weeks worth of pain and suffering. We do have that...