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Boondocking outside of Grand Teton, again

During our two week stay outside of Grand Teton it had been pretty quite. Our days were two weeks of work days surrounding the weekend yak-packing. There was not much time to do much else. No hiking, or climbing, or kayaking… just work, and a little socializing with neighbors at...


Yak-packing in Grand Teton

This past weekend was a year and a half in the planning. During our visit to, and kayaking of, Grand Teton National Park in May of 2015 we spotted some boat in campsites on Leigh Lake and we just knew we had to camp there. From that day on, the...


Indian Creek boondocking

So, yea, I’m a little behind in my blogging… Back at the end of August we rolled into Alpine, Wyoming to stay near enough to the Grand Teton National Park – as it was our destination the following week – but far enough away to avoid the Labor Day Weekend...