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Boondocking near Klamath Lake

I happily went along with the idea of extending our stay in Oregon. Kerri discussed it with me back in Idaho, and she knows damn well how I feel about California. I am forced to return to my most-despised state eventually, but entering only at the last minute an exiting...


Snowy Crater Lake

Though we could not get into the park when we wanted, we made it in this past weekend anyway after jumping a few fences, knocking out a Park Ranger, and … yea I am fibbing a bit. From the South side the roads were open and clear so we drove...


Locked out of Crater Lake

We left Bend with the purpose of visiting Crater Lake National Park, which Kerri had not yet been too. Originally, the plan was to migrate all the way to Klamath Falls and day-trip into the park from there, but Kerri found a nice spot to camp right outside of the...