Category: Nevada


A Reef and a Basin

We thought Kerri had not been to Capitol Reef National Park, and since it wasn’t that far off our planned route, we went in for an afternoon visit. We were wrong (Kerri says it was because I gave her bad information, I say otherwise) as she recognized features pretty early...


Vegas Baby!

These past few days have been more of a blur than anything else: A night was socializing, drinking, and playing some card game that just about split my side from laughter. A game of name-that-tune of which I was only able to name two; Voodoo Child and Business Time –...


I Love Sushi

I don’t, but they do. They as in the others I am camped with (Aluminarium, theTravelingHaywoods, Russ & Todd in the WanderBus) and who invited me along with them on a trip into the Vegas area for a night on the town for dinner at I Love Sushi. I ordered...