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Vegas Baby!

These past few days have been more of a blur than anything else: A night was socializing, drinking, and playing some card game that just about split my side from laughter. A game of name-that-tune of which I was only able to name two; Voodoo Child and Business Time –...


I Love Sushi

I don’t, but they do. They as in the others I am camped with (Aluminarium, theTravelingHaywoods, Russ & Todd in the WanderBus) and who invited me along with them on a trip into the Vegas area for a night on the town for dinner at I Love Sushi. I ordered...


Arriving at Lake Mead

Since leaving the Bryce Canyon area, where Moose and I boondocked a single night in the Dixie National Forest, things have been fairly uneventful. A 250 mile drive, spanning two days, resulted in us arriving at our destination of Lake Mead where we met up with a few other RVers...