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Moose, Dinosaurs, and Aspen

We left Ridgway State Park on Friday, right after work. 6PM is an odd time to leave a campground, I agree, but the benefit was that we got to drive 90 miles to Grand Junction that evening, cutting our Saturday drive in half. All we needed was a place to...


From Black Canyons to evil public lands

A lot happened since leaving Black Canyon, so sit right back and let me tell you the tale… After our overnight in the National Park, we puled into Montrose, Colorado and dropped the trailer at the local park. Now free of the large appendage, we were able to scout a...


Black Canyon of the Gunnison

A planned stop – or at least one added to the plan once we realized we were coming back into Colorado – and another National Park that Kerri had not visited but I had; Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. We had to cross the continental divide again, for...