Category: California


Between a beach and a train

Over the past two years, Kerri has always spoke so highly of camping at Rincon Parkway in Ventura. I’ve driven past the place a few times and always wondered why anyone would pay to camp there. Not only is it barely out of town, it has a major highway and...


Changing our 2017 beginnings

Our original plan to start our 2017 year has been to jump over the Sierras and bring Kerri down into Death Valley for her first time. Unfortunately, the recent cold snap steered us to lower elevations and a safer driving route. It also gave us the opportunity to see a...


Moochdocking in the Bay Area

For the past two weeks, while the Airstream was in for servicing, we were mooch-docking in Big Blue outside my family’s place in the East Bay, down at sea-level. Certainly not the most scenic of places we have stayed, but with my son flying out for a visit and the...