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Bringing your guns to Alaska?

Bringing guns into Canada is not as difficult as you may have heard, but there is some red-tape that you must accept before moving forward. The first thing to know, and one of the first questions they will ask you at the border is where you are going in Canada....


Northern Lights

It has been just over two months since arriving in Alaska and one of the must-see things of this part of the world has eluded me the entire time; the Norther Lights. The first issue was the simple fact that for most of this same time period, the sun did...


Valdez Alaska

Valdez Alaska. Known for the oil spill even though the oil itself never touched a beach in the Valdez area. This place is all about oil, oil, oil. That big oil pipeline ends here, where it is fed to those enormous oil ships which haul it down to the West...