Category: Boondocking


Returning to Carlsbad

The final day of our travel weekend brought us to Carlsbad, New Mexico. Here we would visit the Carlsbad Caverns National Park and even a quick trip to Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Again, I have been to both in my past, but Kerri had been to neither in her adulthood....


Returning to Chiricahua

We had only three days to do it in. Not only to make the 500 mile drive from Las Cienegas National Conservation Area to Carlsbad, New Mexico, but to see four National Parks in the process. If we could knock them all out in one weekend, then we could high-tail it...


Las Cienegas National Conservation Area

After leaving our New Years get together we moved onward, towards our ultimate winter destination of New Orleans. There are a large number of places in Arizona to stay for the work week, but we went for a location that neither of us have been too in the past (greatly...