Category: Boondocking


Gathering for the eclipse

Unless you are living under a rock – a possibility if you read this blog – you have heard about the solar eclipse happening on August 21st. Well, so have I (and Kerri too). So our original route changed a bit when we heard about a get-together of a few...


Revisiting the Sawtooth Mountains

It involved two big days of driving – solely by Kerri, I might add – but 770 miles were conquered solely to avoid having to stop for a work week in Utah where daytime temps where higher than we would have been able to tolerate with our re-broken AC unit....


Meeting the San Juans

We moved on after only a few days camped just outside of Durango. We didn’t move far, but we did move a few thousand feet up the San Juan Mountains to get back to free camping in the wild. Our spot, only a short hop from the first pass in...