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Ready for a new backpacking adventure

Many months ahead, we planned to visit Cumberland Island National Seashore to backpack, and stay a few nights on the island itself. The past few weeks has been spent dealing with all the logistics of a two night stay on the island. This included boarding the dogs for that weekend,...


Yak-packing in Grand Teton

This past weekend was a year and a half in the planning. During our visit to, and kayaking of, Grand Teton National Park in May of 2015 we spotted some boat in campsites on Leigh Lake and we just knew we had to camp there. From that day on, the...


Somewhere between Marble and Crystal

We set out from Crested Butte on Saturday afternoon, with backpacks and supplies ready, navigated over Kebler Pass (our 3rd time already), all to visit a location less than 20 miles away from camp, as the crow flies. For us land-based-mammals we had to drive more than 80 miles to...