Big Blue version 4.0 – Finishing up

This past week has just been about finishing up the build. All the major component were complete already, but we were still missing drawer/door facings, outlet covers, and a ton of other misc items. Speaking of those outlet covers, I made those myself out of slices of a downed tree in the yard. Quite cool I must say. I wish I had more time to do things like this for Big Blue.

As of Friday, we started the processes of moving out of the Airstream and into the Van (woot!)…. right in time for me to blow out my back for the second time during this project. So badly did I hurt my back that it took over an hour (and more than a few tears) to get out of bed Saturday morning, and still I was only as agile as a zombie on Prozac. Kerri really stepped up to do nearly all the work of moving in by  herself. I did what I could to help, but I think I just got in the way more then anything.

We spent our first night in the van last night and it was wonderful. The new bed and mattress are amazingly comfortable.

Some images to remember it all…

It’s nice to finally be at a stage where we can drive off (planned for Sunday, may delay to Monday if back pain does not reduce). We are thoroughly done though. I have worked seven days a week on the van since we arrived in Grass Valley nearly 5 weeks ago. Kerri has worked her normal work schedule *as well as* worked on the van on all her days off and many/most of her free hours after work. We are getting mighty short with each other and need some days off, but it appears our relationship has survived the rebuild. Now to find out if it will survive a tandem kayak (yea we bought one of those too).

The big pictures…



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  1. Jeff Thompson says:

    Can you please take/show a picture of the bed when it is flat? Overall, your interior really came out splendid!

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