Back on the front range

It took over six hours of driving, with an overnight stay in Wyoming, to make it from Rapid City to my home town in Colorado. We arrived a  week and a day early thanks to Kerri’s South Dakota’s residency being so easy to resolve. This allowed me to start the long list of things I need to do while in Colorado. Visiting my son was vital, and so was a visit to a hospital for a checkup. Renewing drivers and concealed weapons licenses were top on this list as well, both of which were done within a single hour, with 45 minutes of that hour being drive-time. Then, we have more than a few projects to do on the truck and trailer. It was all very overwhelming so an early start was nice.

However, before all that began, and with a non-work-day available, Kerri and I took off for a day of exploring the Eastern Rockies above Boulder and Lyons. First was a stop, and hike, at Caribou Ranch Open Space to see the newly sprouting wildflowers at 9000 ft elevation. Not a long hike, it was a good starter-hike for us at this elevation for the first time since July of last year. I hiked here back in 2013 and wanted to show Kerri the wild flower bloom. As it turns out, we were too early for most of the flowers, but it was still just what we needed to kick off our next few-weeks in Colorado.

Then the work week began… the AC basting from 9am to 9pm while parked in a county fairgrounds RV park. Bleh


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