Avoiding the Labor Day crowds

As I said in the previous blog post, the need to avoid the Labor Day weekend crowds was strong with us both and we wanted to have a spot a week ahead to stay planted through the holiday weekend. These three day weekends may be something to celebrate for people who live in sticks-n-bricks houses, but for us nomads it means all those folks come invade our homes for a few days. I hate saying it that way… they have just as much right to camp on public land as us nomads of course, it is just part of this lifestyle that Kerri and I have (finally) learned to plan for; the crowds, and not having any solitude.

After our first spot in this area proved not be to our liking, we scouted a dirt road 15 miles North and found an ideal spot for usΒ (added to my boondocking map) to hang out for two full weeks (through the holiday weekend). Here we had a small stream within feet of the trailer, shade from much of the afternoon heat, and what turn out to be all sorts of solitude which we desperately needed after three weeks of hardcore socializing.

A few folks did drive their horse trailers up to the end of this road – more than 2 miles away – for the three-day weekend. There they camped and rode the trail that climbs up the West side of the Teton mountains. Only one camper came nearby our location, and only stayed for a single night. The place was all our own for the week leading up too, and most of the holiday weekend. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer, and quieter, place to stay.

Over the weekend we did get out to hike a bit of the Tin Cup trail at the end of this road. There Kerri picked a good helping of wild berries – ensured they would not kill us – which she then made into a galette (a lazy-man’s-pie for those not in the know) and someΒ liqueur for the future us. Byron spent most of his free time in the stream, or barking at me to throw the tennis ball more. Moose just ran around peeing on every bush and ensuring the underside of the Airstream was rodent free.

Soon we will have to figure out where we are going next…

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