Author: Van-Tramp



Up until 2015 I had never seen a tick Рin person Рin my entire life. It was only since Moose entered my life that ticks started appearing. He is quite a tick-mop with all that hair, coming back home with 12 ticks during the first few days we stayed...


Oh Savannah

After the scares of tornadoes and gators, we finally arrived in Savannah for our scheduled two week stay and the precipice of our journeys this year. Even though we would be here for twice as long as we normally stay in any one location, we really only had a single...


Kayaking the Okefenokee Swamp

The few days of time spent in the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge was mostly spent indoors, trying to catch up with work and chores. We had blown a full work day, not because of the time on the road, but recovering from the lack of sleep. Our plan to arrive in...