Arriving at the end

The end of our 2017 travels that is. What was once a holiday season necessity is now part of our natural travel route. Stopping in Grass Valley, California to spend time with Kerri’s family has marked the end of our year the past three years running. This time around, I am ready for some down time. Kerri and I did some serious hauling around this year. It was my first time any real distance East of the Rocky Mountains as a nomad, and to the South (where I gained a few pounds), and to the Great Lakes, and to so many other places over the course of our year. Surely it is not the most miles I have traveled in a year, but this time around I have been feeling the need for a few weeks of sitting still to make up for it all. Thanks to Kerri’s family, we have the perfect place in the woods to hang out and settle down for a few weeks. The trailer gets to stay put while we hang out with family and friends and start the process of rebuilding Big Blue’s interior (for my 4th time) in preparation of spending the entire 2018 year (and possibly beyond) in Big Blue… more on all that soon.

If that map interests you, take a look at my all Inclusive travel map showing all my travels since 2009. Good times!

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