2000 days

Today I celebrate 2000 days of full-time living on the road. I must admit, that when I started this adventure it was not to live as a nomad. In 2010 it was just about going on road trips to see family and the National Parks along the way. I found myself taking more trips, lasting longer each time and by the end of 2011 I could not take staying put for longer than a few days at a time. When opportunity arose to just live on the road full time, I took it, and I am so happy that I did.

Sometimes I feel like I am a jaded traveler, complaining about people and places at times, but the reality is that I know I am lucky to have this lifestyle and grateful I have it with a partner now. My nomadic life has been pretty easy, especially after hearing stories of others who have tried. I’ve had a lot of luck, and spent all my karma points in these past 2000 days. It’s been worth it.

Here is to another 1000 days, by which time I will no longer be on the road, but on the sea. But first, a year back in the van for an intimate tour of the West Coast and Baja again. That is our plan anyway, but we all know how plans change.

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3 Responses

  1. TKT says:

    I will drink to that man!
    Keep on going, keep on writing, keep on fueling my fantasies.

  2. LenSatic says:

    “. . . by which time I will no longer be on the road, but on the sea.”

    What’s this mean? I guess I missed something?


    • Van-Tramp says:

      Never really made any announcement on the matter, just that sea-life is the next adventure for us. Starting in 2019 or so.

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